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“Judy is a masterful presenter and an electrifying speaker. Her unique blend of brilliant technique, experience, knowledge, creativity and humor in her training provide the ultimate formula for success.”

"Judy’s training & book were incredible! It has enhanced both my personal and professional life. I always knew follow up was important, but I didn’t realize HOW important and HOW to do it RIGHT!”

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“The Power of Follow Up is indeed powerful stuff! Judy’s dynamic delivery commanded the room of top performers and provided amazing insights into how to engage our clients and build lasting relationships with them.”

The Follow Up training is the best training I have ever attended. Judy is insightful, engaging and inspring."

"With more communication tools available to us than ever before, The Power of Follow Up, is a mission critical read. On every page Judy teaches us how to take this often neglected, potentially uncomfortable part of the sales cycle and make it your own in an empowering and delightful way.”

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