* What if the 80/20 rule of sales was slanted in your favor?

* What if selling with integrity and trust was the new normal?

* What if following up with prospects was your strength and not your weakness?

This and more is all possible when you acquire the crucial skills revealed in The Power of Follow Up.

The Power of Follow Up is a mission critical read! On every page Judy reminds us how to take this often neglected, potentially uncomfortable part of the sales cycle and use it to form more lasting (and more profitable) relationships.

-Kathy Tito, President & Founder, New England Sales & Marketing

The Power of Follow Up is one tool everyone needs to master. Judy Garmaise makes this easy with her step-by-step guide in the art of follow up. If you want to be a successful salesperson, here is the playbook. This book provides all the tools you will need to become an expert in follow up. Finally, we get to read a book that is a desperately needed prescription for those who want to play a bigger game.

-Myra Quinn, M.Ed., VP Training and Development, Trainnovations Inc.

In this book Judy Garmaise will give you the skills to following up without stalking, nagging, guilt, and stress. You will discover the secrets and techniques the world's most successful people use to Follow Up in a way that is positive and effective.

Filled with real life examples and practical strategies anyone can use, Judy reveals the specific and effective communication practices you can use on the fourth, fifth, and sixth-plus phone call or voicemail to get the other party's attention, enhance your credibility, and close the deal.

By following Judy's advice, you will have the tools to become an expert Follow Up Extraordinaire.