Keynote Speaking


Judy Garmaise delivers lively keynotes that will motivate and inspire your organization to action. Her most requested topics are:

Rejection? Bring It On!

Who says sales rejection has to be painful? Judy will empower your team to overcome the sting of rejection and actually look forward to follow up. Her insights and strategies will renew participants’ commitment to follow up and will enable people to banish any follow up or rejection fears that have been holding them back.

Follow Up for the Sale

Your sales team has two choices: they can follow up in a way that makes customers view them as stalkers…or they can follow up in a way that is artful, elegant, and profitable. Which do you prefer? Judy will show your sales team the secrets to artful follow up that will enable them to close more business and make more money, all while keeping customers happy. 

It’s All About the Customer

Go beyond customer satisfaction and develop a loyal following of raving fans. Judy shows how strategic and artful follow up from employees at every level makes this possible. Her simple-to-implement techniques will resonate with your team and make them eager to follow up today. 

Be the Manager who Matters

Your managers are your company’s role models. What are your managers modeling to your team about follow up? Judy inspires managers to become follow up extraordinaires so your entire organization can reap the benefits. Her practical ideas and common sense wisdom can transform your managers into follow up role models who inspire action. 


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